Friday, March 18, 2011

A Question for Q&A month

Naughty Monkey is a very naughty monkey and has sent me a question.

"How much physical damage is too much, for you? What are your limits on that? How much is too much? Where do you and yours draw the line? Bad bruising, welts, drawing blood, marks lasting a few days , or a few weeks, permanent scarring? No marks at all? What are your feelings on this topic?"

My answer ...

Well, I am not eager to mark. For me that is not the point of it. I do not particularly gain my pleasure from the marks or bruises as much as from the response of my partner.

Having said that I will contradict myself a little in saying that I do like to see some marks. For instance the stripe left by the cane or the reddening of skin from a spanking or paddling. But it is these immediate marks that give me pleasure rather than longer lasting ones.

However I know that many subs enjoy being marked. They like to see lasting marks as a memory of a session and enjoy seeing them change and fade over time. Where that is the case then I am of course happy to comply - within reason.

I have no desire to cause serious bruising and certainly not permanent damage or harm. I have an aversion to blood and would not wish to cause bleeding. The only case in which I would consider deliberately causing a permanent mark was as part of a special commitment with a permanent partner.

Does that answer your question dear monkey?

What about my other readers? How much physical damage is too much for you?


  1. Yes Sir, that answers my questions. Thank you very much for being so forthcoming.

  2. You are very welcome littlemonkey!

    Thank you for asking me.

    P xx

  3. Physical damage ..
    I like marks left.. a bruise or whip mark is a great reminder and I treasure those marks.

    I would not like to be cut or branded.
    I do like needle play which does result in blood so there is some difference there.

    Sir once asked me to hold my breast so he could bite hard enough to draw blood.
    I was at first horrified but I did for Him.
    He bit hard enough to bruise but not draw blood. His intent was not to draw blood but to have me agree to His demands.

    That is my take on an interesting topic!

  4. Thank you very much nancy for sharing your feelings about this. It is so very personal to each of us.

    P xx


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