Thursday, June 19, 2014

self harm

Ana raised some questions about self-harm in comments to posts on A Kind Dom. I have written a post in reply and asking for the views or readers here. I hope readers of Uncle Agony might be interested.

So ...

... can a D/s relationship help meet a desire to self harm but in a more constructive way?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

on being controlling or being controlled

On a recent post on A Kind Dom about submission, pain and masochism Lauren asked a number of questions in the comments section. One of the questions here related to being controlling yet yearning to be controlled:
a certain personal life event has made me come to realise that I, in general life, am very controlling, yet I yearn to be controlled by a man...

by being controlling in every other aspect of my life... And also wanting to be submissive at the same time... I feel it is wrong? I associate being submissive also with being feminine... And by being controlling I feel like I am going against my sex and this also feels wrong...

pygar, can you please help me and give me some of your insight.
I am sure I do not have any special insight - but perhaps my readers do. Please feel free to comment.

Is there any contradiction between having a controlling personality and a desire to be controlled?

Is there an association between being submissive and being feminine?

What do readers think?