Wednesday, December 17, 2014

letting go ...

Bitch wrote a comment on an old post here on A Kind Dom. It was,
"You can call me Bitch. :) I long to remain submissive, but sometimes I can't seen to keep my mouth shut when Master says to. I'm terrified of disappointing him, but I'm so strong willed. I've always had this part of me that longed to be dominated, but I'm also a person who is in control of my life. Balancing what I want in the bedroom and who I am outside the bedroom is difficult. I need advice on how to "let go" and be a good little Bitch. Thank you."
How does one find that balance if one is strong? She is in control yet yearns to be a good submissive and not disappoint her Master. How can she "let go" and truly become a "good little Bitch"? Have any of you had this struggle? How did you resolve it?