Thursday, April 24, 2014

a double life

Anonymous recently posted a comment here to the earlier topic "My husband cannot begin to be the man I need ..."
"Hi, I too am married with 3 kids living a double life. I was dreadfully unhappy and went seeking sex. I met my Dom and the obviousness of my submissive self started pouring out. It you test the water be prepared to swim.. Once you get to express yourself this way, it becomes undeniable. If anyone knows of any blogs of women in this situation please post, I would love to read.thx"
A follow up post by flogginfloozie mentioned her own blog here.

Are any other readers in a similar position? Have you tested the water? Did you sink or swim?

Do you know of other blogs of women in this situation?


  1. I am married, and my Dom is not my husband. It's very hard not to be able to express myself on a daily basis, but I absolutely cherish the moments when I get too be me!

  2. Thanks His slut. I'm pleased it is working out for you. Good luck.

    P xx

  3. I am married. I have had a relationship with someone else on and off for 12 years. The last couple is when I realized he is my dom. I could never be with anyone else that way. I do love my husband but he cant give me what I need. I am in the process to a decision. Its been alot of ups and way downs. As we are working (my dd) to build my trust in him again.
    Its a long story. I will be blogging about it

  4. Thank you little annb for sharing your personal experience. I hope you find your way to a decision that works for you. Good luck.

    P xx


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